Biker Bar NC

Thank you Biker Bar! We had an absolute blast riding around Durham in the coolest ride ever. Martha, our guide, was fantastic and kept the group laughing and pedaling through the intersections. You have created a very fun activity for anyone that loves Durham, beer, and exciting adventures with friends. We will book the bike again fo sho!

- Julie K.


The Biker Bar NC is based in Durham, NC.  The bike seats up to 14 people for casual rides around downtown Durham.  You book the bike, our captain steers and you are the engine.  With or without beer and wine, the Biker Bar is a party on wheels.  Bring your music, get some exercise, enjoy the outdoors and have a trip riding around downtown Durham.

  1. Bullet Team Building

  2. Bullet Bachelor/Bachelorette Parties

  3. Bullet Birthday Parties

  4. Bullet Brewery Tours in Durham

  5. Bullet Picnics in the Park

  6. Bullet Pub Crawls

  7. Bullet Restaurant Tours

  8. Bullet Historic Tours

  9. Bullet Ballpark Rides

  10. Bullet Weddings

  11. Bullet Guys/Girls Night Out

  12. Bullet Fund Raisers

  13. Bullet Family Reunions

  14. Bullet Music Rides

  15. Bullet Meetings on Wheels - we drive, you talk

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Early historical records mention the first automobile on downtown Durham roads was the Stanley Steamer

Did you know?

The Stanley Steamer automobile is where we get common expressions used today such as:

  1. - Full steam ahead!

  2. - I’m running out of steam

  3. - Pick up the steam!

“Grand Dad”

Thank you to all the bidders who made our inaugural ride a huge success raising just under $2,000 for the seats on the bike.  And thank you to Mayor Bell and Frank Stasio.Auction.html
Ride like the 3-5 MPH!